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Bank Indonesia Regulatory Reporting
The increase in demands for regulatory compliance has become a major challenge for banks around the world. There has never been a better time to deal with the problem by installing STB-Reporter, the market leading automation solution. STB-Reporter supports full Bank Indonesia computation and reporting requirements, and is permanently and automatically maintained to these requirements as they change, making STB-Reporter the ideal solution for automated regulatory reporting. All supervisory computations are supported including capital adequacy (Basel II will be included too), daily reporting (LHBU) and the full range of extensive reports (such as SID). Implement the international standard for Bank Indonesia reporting with a future-proofed guarantee of compliance.

Whether a company possesses an integrated or disparate information system, there is a lot of data being recorded every day. This data is put to good use in reports that managers use every day to evaluate performance or make decisions. To allow a 360° view of the situation, however, multiple report fo rmats representing different points of view must be created for the same set of data.

  1. Collection of data from all data sources, in any format
  2. Computation and reporting of all required returns
  3. Capital adequacy computation, including model integration
  4. Full trading book computations with wide-ranging coverage of treatments and instruments
  5. Large Exposures and Liquidity monitoring and reporting
  6. Daily, monthly and the full reporting calendar supported
  7. Electronic output to Bank Indonesia in required formats
  8. Fully maintained with the latest requirements as they change and at no additional cost
  9. All returns on screen, validated, cross-validated
  10. Full process automation
  11. Scenarios, what-ifs
Future-proofed Automation Strategy
Having a regulatory automation solution that will support you now and in the future is vital: this is what STB-Reporter provides. The pace of change and rise in demands on compliance is not going to let up. Furthermore, senior executive management information requirements which are able to demonstrate corporate governance and facilitate improved strategic management oversight will be ever more valuable.

  1. Start now, and implement an automated solution for your current regulatory requirements which will be upgraded and guaranteed to deliver the requirements whatever the Bank Indonesia may change in the future
  2. Achieve compliance with the changing electronic submission formats at zero cost to yourselves
  3. Satisfy capital reporting changes arising from Bank Indonesia implementation of Basel II
  4. All these software upgrades are guaranteed inclusive in the STB-Reporter license
  5. Initial investment is correctly priced to deliver excellent value; your cost-benefit is optimised
  6. Powerful data interfacing technology lowers your internal IT costs now and in the future
  7. Immediate return for users: intuitive product design ensures low training costs

Electronic Reporting
STB-Reporter is fully maintained as reporting requirements change. This includes the methods of computation and also the electronic submission processes to Bank Indonesia. STB-Reporter supports all current reporting methods required by Bank Indonesia. As Bank Indonesia rolls out more reporting in newer styles, with LKPBU and other key initiatives, STB customers will receive an upgraded version of STB-Reporter supporting those new formats. Customers will have no further cost as STB provides this high level of ongoing support as standard.

It’s time to do something
Act now to move away from inadequate regulatory solutions: visit for further information or call Lombard Risk’s local partner, Cygnet Pericon, to arrange to talk this over or to ask for your own personal presentation.

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