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Enterprise Reporting

Can you access your data, format it and deliver it anywhere easily? With the right reporting solution you will be able to access your data, format it and deliver the information anywhere within your organization.

Cygnet's team has a wide experience in presenting business data through enterprise reporting applications. We can work with you to understand your needs and offer the right solution for you in a timely manner. With BusinessObjects reporting tools we can enable you to access the information you need and deliver the reports across your enterprise.

With BusinessObjects' reporting solution you can create, manage and deliver your reports over the web or embedded in enterprise applications. The scheduling capabilities allow you to process the information at any time and formats you require.


You will find that BusinessObjects reporting solutions are easy for users of all skill levels. With advanced features and multiple supported data sources, you can access data from any sources in your organization and create reports up to the most sophisticated ones using powerful reporting tool.

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