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Executive Dashboard

Executives are likely to receive information that is not well-prepared and not in the format that is easy to understand. They often have to put more effort in trying to understand what causes their problem.

Dashboard with interactive graphical representation can help executives understand the information easier. It comes with analytic templates and reports that help the executives monitoring their business performance.

Decision-makers can make assumptions based on the performance indicator shown by the interactive analytics of the dashboard.

Advanced Business Analytics

It is possible now to have a personalized dashboard containing analytics, alerts, reports and metrics without the need for programming.

The analytics templates including speedometers, traffic lights, charts, maps and many others help the users in monitoring and analysing the business performance. The company’s goals and tracking performance can be set and displayed on the dashboard using powerful analytics. Moreover, the organization can be alerted when a process is inefficient or a measure is under target.

Data Visualization

Our Business Intelligence solution comes with intuitive and interactive data visualization which consists of advanced and stunning visual models.

Using the pre-built components, user can easily create a presentation with a professional looking. Also, by enabling live data connectivity, the visual models can be constantly refreshed, guaranteeing the users to obtain accurate and consistent information.

Accelerate Your Information

We have the skills and expertise to make your information delivered securely and rapidly. We can help your team understand and benefit from our business intelligence solution so your internal and extranet user will be able to track and understand their business performance any time they wish.

Also, our solution can guarantee that each user access information according to his or her role and needs, avoiding overwhelming them with unnecessary reports.

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