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BI turns data into knowledge

When companies around the world started using computerized information system long time ago, they wanted to change. They wanted to stop having piles of different reports from which it is hard to pull information together to form an analysis. They have the right expectation, but they need the right tool. The tool is Business Intelligence (BI) software. In essence, BI is software that eases the control of company operational data presentation for analysis purposes.

Whether a company possesses an integrated or disparate information system, there is a lot of data being recorded every day. This data is put to good use in reports that managers use every day to evaluate performance or make decisions. To allow a 360° view of the situation, however, multiple report fo rmats representing different points of view must be created for the same set of data.

BI can pool information from multiple departments for analysis. That said, BI does not replace integrated information system, but complements it. Integrated information system aggregates interdepartmental information and stores it for optimized operational access, while BI stores it for optimized analytical access.

BI offers ability to dynamically change the way data is presented. With simple instructions, BI enables users to change the point of view or detail level of data being analysed, while keeping the presentation format intuitive and interesting. These dramatically cut the workload associated with preparing an analysis. It enables companies to react faster to internal and external conditions. Companies that fail to make the right decision at the right time, will not stack up to its more nimble competitors and will fade. It is not enough merely reacting to circumstances, companies now must anticipate future circumstances. How can companies avoid becoming a trailer of trends? By turning the operational data, the information they have always had, into knowledge and then by acting on it.

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